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Hi, my name is David Fitzmaurice and I am your online personal fitness trainer and nutrition coach

People often ask me what was my first push to start training. Well, my first motivation comes from early childhood, when I started playing Gaelic Football and Hurling in Ireland. So from an early age I became aware of the discipline required to train.
My love of sport lead me to consider working in the area of fitness and so I qualified as a fitness trainer in 2000 and I have stayed loyal to the industry since. Over the years I have studied Physical Therapy, Sports Massage, Nutrition Coaching and Wellness Coaching.

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Over the years, I have competed in many kinds of sports. Shortly after I discovered that physical training definitely played a great role in improving my body and keeping me mobile, active and injury free. I began with football and hurling and then went to soccer whilst living in Auckland New Zealand. Fast forward to the present day, and current home in Singapore, and my new found sport is tennis which I am able play three times a week due to my routine of weight training, mobility training as well stretching and foam rolling. Oh and lets not for get healthy fuel in the form of good nutrition.
In a nutshell, and at 44 years young, and after the years of training, I still have a passion for a healthy lifestyle, healthy nutrition, and intensive daily training. I am happy to have a chance to help people transform their bodies and lives and to make their lives happier.

I put my heart and soul in this business and your successful results. This is my vocation to help you reach your fullest potential.
I most likely don’t know you and what you want, but if you’re in search of magical secrets I can tell you there are none.
The only thing you need to do is to work hard on yourself. That's where I can help you. I have enough skills I have gained through my long career path, skills that can give you a chance to totally change your life.
If your intention for transformation is serious, I can ensure that will turn you into the fittest, the most motivated, well-educated, self-confident, and happy person you can ever be.

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